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Planner for college bound families.

After discussing what my teenage daughter might want to do with her life and wondering who my young toddler will be as an adult, urgency was created to complete a college funding plan.  We completed an early review to find, as many families have, a lack of saving.  It is not that we did not save, but other duties and balancing retirement savings always feels like a circus act sending the money into another direction.

I completed a deep dive to better understand how to fund college. A realization hit that most financial advisors (including myself in the beginning) do not properly understand how to use the available resources for a middle class to fund college without sacrificing retirement savings.

We help Gen X parents who make too much to receive financial aid, but not enough to pay for college outright find ways to send their children to college without sacrificing retirement.

If you are or have experienced a paralleled path, here are a few relevant next steps.
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